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Angels & Demons

Admit it, we’re all a bit fascinated with the supernatural. The bible has more to say about the realm of the supernatural than our English translations would have us think. Let’s look at this topic from a Hebraic perspective. Fasten you seatbelts, folks, things are about to get really weird.


24 July 2022

  • 06 – Cherubim. Ezekiel saw beings with four faces: lion, ox, eagle and man. Why those particular images? More to the point, why did I choose such a strange topic to do a series on? I am unable to answer the second question… so far.



03 July 2022

  • 05 – Seraphim. The old hymn Holy, Holy, Holy, talks about Cherubim and Seraphim. Who or what are they? In this episode we’ll see what the bible has to say about Seraphim.




12 June 2022

  • 04 – More about God. To get a better handle on angels and demons we need to take another look at God and ask questions like, ‘Who is the Angel of the Lord?’. Many say it is the pre-incarnate Christ. Is there scriptural support for that?




22 May 2022

  • 03 – Classifying spirit beings. How do we describe, define or categorise spiritual beings? Is it even possible?




01 May 2022

  • 02 – Anybody Else? Anybody else referred to as a god out there in Old Testament Land? Oh yes.






10 April 2022

  • 01 – gods? Does the bible support the idea that there are other gods apart from the Creator God?