Current Topical Series

The Kingdom of God


03 September 2023

  • 05 Gospel and Covenant II. If all of God’s promises are fulfilled in Messiah, what happened to the land promised to Abraham’s descendants? Doe it even matter?



13 August 2023

  • 04 Gospel and Covenant. Does God reign visibly and demonstrably right now? If so, why is the world such a mess?



23 July 2023

  • 03 Gospel. Some expanded revision plus the question, ‘ What is the Gospel?’. It may be a little different to what we’ve always believed.



02 July 2023

  • 02 God’s righteousness. What is it? (Note: because of yet another glitch – you gotta love technology, eh? – this is a re-recording after the event).




11 June 2023

  • 01 Righteousness. A common enough biblical term but one which, in my opinion, is often misunderstood.