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We’ve completed our midrashic approach to the Book of Ruth – in which we discovered amazing prophetic pictures within the historical narrative, that proved relevant, not just in much later biblical times, but also in our very day. So, while we’re on a roll, let’s do the same thing with Esther and see what relevance this ancient story has for the present day..


03 December 2023

  • 14 Esther 8:1-17. Haman has been defeated but there still remains the decree of genocide against the Jewish people. How can Esther get around an irrevocable royal law?



12 November 2023

  • 13 Esther 7:1-10. See how Esther’s second dinner party is a prediction of events surrounding the Lord’s return.



22 October 2023

  • 12 Esther 5:9-6:14. Haman plans to have Mordecai executed and visits the king to make his case. Will the king grant his evil petition?



01 October 2023

  • 11 Esther 4:13-5:8. Mordecai persuades Esther to confront the king over his order of genocide against the Jews. But a written decree from the King of Persia couldn’t be rescinded. What’s a girl to do?



10 September 2023

  • 10 Esther 3:12-4:12. Haman’s sinister scheme of genocide is set in motion. Mordecai can’t enter the palace and Esther can’t enter the King’s inner court. Whatever will happen next?




27 August 2023

  • 09 Esther 2:1-11.  We finally get to meet the bad guy Haman – and what a nasty piece of work he is. His strategy is consistent with all of Satan’s puppets, both past and future.





06 August 2023

  • 08 Esther 2:17-23. It’s Esther’s turn to impress the king – will she win the beauty pageant? If so, will they all live happily ever after? And, while were here, what’s the big deal about having God’s favour?





09 July 2023


  • 07 Esther 2:12-16. Esther and other hopefuls get to strut their stuff before the King. What additional thing will Esther choose to give her an edge over the others?



25 June 2023


  • 06 Esther 2:1-11. King Ahasuerus is looking for a new Mrs King. How will our heroine Esther get an opportunity to apply for the position?



04 June 2023.


  • 05 Esther 1:9-22. While the king was having his great banquet, what was Queen Vashti (our prophetic type of Israel) up to?




14 May 2023


  • 04 Esther 1:4b-8. After his shindig for the rich and famous, Ahasuerus held another party for seven days. This one was for all and sundry. What’s its significance for us living 2500 years later?



23 April 2023


  • 03 Esther 1:1b-4a. Continuing to look at Gematria – why did King Ahasuerus have 127 provinces? And why did he display his wealth and majesty to the hoi polloi for 180 days?
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26 March 2023


  • 02 Esther 1:1a.  Only one verse, seriously? Yes, well, most of the time is spent introducing folks to Gematria – and that took a little time.



05 March 2023

  • 01 Introduction to the Book of Esther. The usual questions: Who? When? Why? How etc.?