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Teaching the Scriptures through a Hebraic paradigm in rural Tasmania.

The Jerusalem Council c. 48 AD graciously permitted Gentile inclusion in the The Way – the Jewish sect that declared Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah of Israel. Through a convergence of circumstances in the first couple of centuries of the sect’s history, Gentiles dominated the growing faith as it spread throughout the Greco-Roman world.

In the process, the Christian Church embraced a Hellenistic worldview – carefully refining and defining its dogma to the nth degree. By the time the Christianity had become an organ of the mighty Roman Empire in the fourth century, the litmus test of adherence to the Christian faith was the ability to espouse and concur with the Creeds of the Church. Divergence from official Christian doctrine meant being branded as a heretic and subject to papal anathema.

Tragically, history has proven that embracing officially approved church doctrines is no evidence of being a follower of Yeshua the Master. The sixteenth century Protestant Reformers changed some of the mediaeval church’s teachings and simply accepted the remainder.

For the last five centuries, many Christians have rested on the work of those Protestant pioneers, concluding that nothing more need be done.


The reformation must continue until those who consider themselves to be disciples of Yeshua are seeing the truth of God’s word through the prism of Second Temple Judaism – as did the Messiah and his apostles.

The teachings on this website reflect my own humble efforts in this regard.

Baruch haShem,


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Michael is a Tassie resident who earned his Doctor of Theology and Master of Divinity from Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary in the United States. Although he has been preaching and teaching the Scriptures for over twenty years now, his heart is for small rural churches.

He recently retired as the Pastor of Deloraine Baptist Church, although he continues to teach there, three Sundays every month. He also teaches at Bracknell Baptist Church on a semi-regular basis.

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