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Providing high quality Bible teaching to churches without pastors in rural Tasmania.

One of the features of twenty-first century Christianity in the free world is that large, urban churches are the ones that are growing. As their memberships grow, they have the resources to provide more ministries and this attracts more members. That’s the good news. The downside to urban church growth is that small, rural churches often experience a  commensurate decline in membership. Eventually, those small churches can no longer afford a pastor.

In some pastor-less churches, the elders or leaders take turns at preaching, while in others, weekly Christian videos replace ‘live’ teaching. Sadly, there are times when, despite the best efforts of the faithful members, numbers continue to decline and the church has to consider closing its doors for good.

My hope is that I can at least help a few small churches by being their ‘guest teacher’ as often as I can.

May the Lord bless you.


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Michael is a Tassie resident who earned his Doctor of Theology and Master of Divinity from Louisiana Baptist Theological Seminary in the United States. Although he has been preaching and teaching the Scriptures for over twenty years now, his heart is for small rural churches.

He recently retired as the Pastor of Deloraine Baptist Church, although he continues to teach there, three Sundays every month. He also teaches at Sassafras and Bracknell Baptist Churches on a semi-regular basis.

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