Tricky Chaps, these Websites…

So, a couple of folks have said that they are having difficulty accessing my Archived Teachings, while others have said that it’s all fine. I’m wondering if it’s a bandwidth issue for those who are using their phones? Anyhoo, in an attempt to alleviate the problem, I am in the process of removing all the videos from the Archive section. Please let me know if that helps in any way?

Also, one person said that, in attempting to open my website they were directed to a scam which asked for their credit card details. I wasn’t actually clever enough to come up with that idea so, whatever else you do, DO NOT GIVE YOUR CARD DETAILS TO ANY WEBSITE PURPORTING TO BE TASWORD.ORG

You may, of course, send me enormous amounts of cash, should the fancy strike you!

Baruch haShem.

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