Downloading Videos?

So I was recently asked why my video files can’t be downloaded – instead of just streamed…

The main reason is that they are HUGE files (~2Gb) and, unless you have lightning-fast internet, the Lord may well return while you are trying to download one of them.

“But wait,” I hear you ask, “Why don’t you try compressing those video files to make them a little smaller?”

Good question, well asked. The answer is that I didn’t have the software to compress .mp4 files.

Until now!

Yes, I have added a download button to the last Ruth video which links directly to a compressed version of the video. Okay, so it’s still around 750 Mb, but it won’t take forever to download. I shall continue to do the same with future video files as long as somebody out there does so.

Bottom Line: Give me some feedback if you find the new video download option helpful

Baruch haShem!

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